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Many prospective homeowners begin their search on the internet. Most say, that they enjoy the search. It is possible; your present home was selected this way. Many mistakes are made due to a lack of exceptional representation that comes from a high volume production agent who is in the market every day, familiar with new and hidden neighborhoods, the newest trends that most likely will be invaluable on resale, the floor plans and builders who have good resale value. Perhaps, you depended on the builder salesman who actually represents the builder's interest. Most homebuyers or sellers have a real estate agent to guide them. Did you get good guidance?


Everyday wrong purchase decisions evolve around selecting a property with an inferior location, negative curb appeal, a floor plan that does not flow or the price being paid was too high. If your present home fits any one of those descriptions, it will more than likely take a price reduction until it sells. Have you heard that before? Were you informed of possible resale problems when you purchased it? Probably not.


It is important to buy a home that will be rated as one of the top in the marketplace when it is time to resale. It is not necessarily price, but condition, upgrades, the curb appeal, floor plan, location, schools, proximity to major roads and other local forces that will also affect the area and among the attributes that should be considered at purchase time.


By now, you realize your most important decision is to select a knowledgeable, experienced Realtor who has completed a large volume of transactions within many price ranges in many different locations. This is where experience counts. As an added bonus this should be a high production Realtor, who has surpassed the standards by earning multiple designations requiring many hours of education and successful completion of a high volume of real estate transactions, as well as elevated herself into the top 4% of those Realtors who have the right to carry the coveted CRS title along with other earned and important designations to ensure her client receive max representation in one of the most important investments they may encounter.


This year I continue as a monthly award winner but also received the coveted 2012 Five Start Professional Realtor award for Texas. Less than 7% of Texas Realtors received this award. It was featured in June issue of Texas Monthly Magazine I have owned a real estate franchise, been a partner in a mortgage company, a real estate school and a commercial and residential construction firm. I am also a Broker Having completed over 500 successful real estate transactions has given me the experience and astute knowledge of the business that can only save your money while selecting the best home.


Doris Snipp is such a Realtor. She is a Power Hitter in the Real Estate world who has earned the right with her designations to practice real estate at the highest levels. In addition she is a CNE-Certified Negotiation Expert which is one of the most important skills one needs when negotiating contracts. Rarely if ever is one born with this important skill, it is must be learned from experts and used in high volume of transactions consistently to put you on the winning side.


Having completed over 500 successful real estate transactions makes her the right choice.


RCC. Real Estate Construction Certified

MRP. Military Relocation Specialist

TRLS. Texas Residential Leasing Specialist

TRPM. Texas Property Management specialist

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Direct Line: 832-877-1040 Certified to work with most relocation companies. Covering: The Woodlands,Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia,Kingwood, Atascocita and the Inner Loop