Good news!  You are moving to the friendliest city and state anywhere.  The Houston community is diverse and welcoming to the many new residents who are brought to this wonderful community to join our ever expanding job market.  There are 268 languages spoken in our schools and residents who represent many different countries.  We are Americans and just as important we are Texans. Now you are going to be both.  Texas is a state that stills holds to the “old values” and the goodness of family, country, flag, God, apple pie and baseball.  Houston values all for what they bring to the table. They believe that all are responsible for their actions and the consequences those actions can produce.  Houstonians are the most generous population found anywhere.  Whether it is a mishap in our community, the nation are across the globe they flock to help.   Good manners are expected, compassion and empathy are ever present for those facing obstacles or life changing events.  We all celebrate and share the joy with those who have success in their business as well as private life.


Where to live?  The decision starts with selecting the right Realtor. See more on this on our How To Choose The Right Realtor page.  Remember that your relocation company gives you the right to request a Realtor of your preference.  As a Cartus Preferred Realtor and one that is approved by nearly every relocation company you can request my services.


Our area is referred to as Greater Houston and takes in  neighborhoods with varying names such as Baytown, Cypress, Clear Lake, Montgomery, New Caney, Kingwood, Sugarland, Katy, Conroe, The Woodlands, Galveston, League City, Spring and many others.  We then have many neighborhoods within those areas such as Gleannloch Farms, Eagle Springs, Alden Bridge, Bridgeland, Summerwood, Inner Loop, The Heights and many others.  How does one begin to choose?  It could be based on the commute time, the lifestyle preference, the feeling of a neighborhood or area. Ones search than narrows down to the actual selection of a home.  As one who has lived in many different areas of this vast community I represent buyers and sellers in all areas.


I am a believer in Master Planned Communities and Greater Houston has many. A master planned community gives it residents a support system as many residents come to our area to take part in our job market and its expansion.   Many of the residents of the community are just where you are now. They understand the chaos and anxiety in your life at this time. They provide a welcoming atmosphere as they remember they were once uprooted and replanted also.  The residents who have always resided in this area are just as welcoming as Houstonians are just nurturing by nature.  Just as nature insists that plants be removed to larger pots with new soil to bloom this is what is happening to the new residents of this and other communities I service.  The world economy has dictated where we now reside. Master planned communities seem to gather in newcomers and being surrounded by  lush landscaping as well as being introduced to others through community schools, events, meeting on walking paths, gathering at sports fields, attending community churches leads to finding a support system that not only eases the transition but makes you excited to be a part of it.  I always emphasize to my buyers to select a home they LOVE as you most likely will be in our area longer than you think.  There are so many job opportunities as well as networking opportunities available that you could find your next position is with a company in this area.


Many of our residents after living in our communities love the lifestyle, weather, sports, medical facilities, arts and entertainment so much they make this their final destination bringing many relatives and parents to settle here also.


Welcome.  Contact me and let’s find the perfect neighborhood for you.


Doris Snipp Realtor



Direct Line: 832-877-1040


As I am in the field daily with buyers, for immediate contact text me.  You can also email if the need is not immediate.  I will make contact to text immediately and email the same day.  No charge for my services