dead equity



You can lower your monthly mortgage payment with a larger down payment on a home. Think cash is king. You never know what the future brings. One has to sell to regain that cash.


At today rates, each $1000 in cash invested, a mortgage will only be reduced by approximately $.4.50 cents per thousand per month.


Dead equity occurs as real estate property increases in value natuaraily. In the Houston area, over a certain time period, an average property may increase at a 3.5 rate annually. The actual cash originally invested up front is stagnant, it does not increase, it decreases.


It is interesting to know that, the first seven years of a mortgage is that time that maximum interest is gained by the lender. Lenders wish that you sell every seven years. That money is then lent on a new loan which will earn the lender maximum interest again and again. An average home Buyer sells every 7 years. You think the scale is weighted in favor of the lender. The point is, many times the cash return from a lower mortgage takes longer than 7 years for the homeowner benefits. The major purpose of home ownership is shelter first, investment second, future sale ability and a number of other conditions. The right Realtor really is most important.


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