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Life is varied in the Inner Loop. Misunderstood by many from out of town. Adored by those who locate there. In a diverse city this area is an area of diverse lifestyles. Houston is the counter side of zoning. Texas with its community property laws as well as Homestead laws is a living example of a man's home is his castle. I always have to pause when I am showing Loop homes to those who are new to Houston. The new come with the idea that each neighborhood has its set of rules where all homes will be pretty much alike only to find that next to a million dollar townhome there could be a blacksmith shop, a pottery studio, and then a McMansion next to a 40 year old small single story home. Where is the structure? Where is the conformity? Who let these people open a business in a residential neighborhood. Houstonians look at the same scene with a welcome to the entrepreneurs. Much too busy giving thanks for a great lifestyle.


They appreciate a lack of commute time. They welcome time for jogging or walking in the park, being minutes from the theatre district, eating at bistros and world class restaurants. Lunch time shopping at organic food stores, boutiques, cupcake shoppes, they do not notice the lack of conformity. The loop has been a scene of tear-downs. Originally homes from the 1930's through the 1960's generally one story homes have become known for their land value. Many seeking to move families into this space have purchased the home, torn it down and put in more space vertically.


Neighborhoods in the Loop:


THE HEIGHTS: think Soho, The Village. Think artsy. Think life's a party. Think I can sleep an hour later. Something for everyone from single story, 3 story homes resembling town houses, to large apartment complexes to gorgeous town homes minutes from downtown, the medical center and galleria. Be aware that it does have a lively night life and housing can be located close to clubs or late night balcony parties.


UNIVERSITY/RICE VILLAGE: Expensive but one of the most desirable communities in Greater Houston. Near the Rice University Campus as well as the world class medical center it is home to professors, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs.


BELLAIRE: Known for great schools without the cost of expensive private schools. This area has more of a residential feel than some other sections in the loop. Close to the top 25 in per capita income. The area is more of a bedroom community within the Loop.


RIVER OAKS: Living in this area means you are not just moving to Houston, you have arrived. Think Park Avenue, think blue blood, think stately mansions behind manicured bushes and lawns. Think private.


GALLERIA: The commute to this area from anywhere outside of the loop is a nightmare no matter the area from which you begun. Known for its shopping, major location for large corporations, financing centers, boutiques, class restaurants makes this a wonderful life style IF you work there. Try getting to this area during the holidays!


MEDICAL CENTER: Not only is the care and cures top of the line in this World Class Medical Center but so are the surrounding neighborhoods. The medical facilities have beautiful buildings, gardens, green spaces, restful little parks but most of all it has Hermann Park. There can not be a better gift to Houston than the park given to us in 1914 by George Hermann. It houses the Houston Zoo, The Museum of Natural History, a wonderful park within a park is the Japanese Tea Garden, a duck pond, Miller Outdoor Theater, I- Max, golf course, walking trails, paddle boats and the best train in the U.S. You can't live in the park legally but you can live within walking distance. Don't think Central Park, this is way better! For urban living this has something for everyone.


MIDTOWN: Name kind of says it all. Lawyers, young professionals, corporate city dwellers working in the downtown area as well as energy company personnel, banking personnel, judges, juries, well you get the picture-serious people who work long hours.We have lived the loop lifestyle, know the loop intimately and can direct you to the best home for your lifestyle.


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