REALTOR POWER HITTER: Less than 4% of the nation's Realtors have earned the right to carry this designation. The specialty post graduate designations are awarded to those who have undergone rigorous training and testing to acquire the knowledge necessary to practice real estate at a higher level. The hallmark of the Certified Residential Specialist is not just the advanced training and education. One must have a significant mix of experience, advanced education and a completed number of real estate transactions to have earned a CRS designation. In this supercharged marketplace you need more than just a Realtor. A Certified Residential Specialist is guaranteed to bring you the benefits of their significant experience in a variety of successful real estate transactions. That expertise, combined with advanced education in areas such as finance, marketing, risk management and negotiation skills is a package that can not be ignored when purchasing or selling a home. Lets take another step forward. As negotiations pays a large role in avoiding overpaying for a home would it not be novel if the Realtor had actually taken the time to master negotiations in a formal learning program designed and taught by a large corporation's top negotiatior and successfully passing a test resulting in being designated a negotiation expert. (CNE) I am not sure where most Realtor earns their negotiation skills. You might want to ask as only 1% have taken the time and had the expertise to earn the title.


Obviously if you spent hours every day showing autos, researching autos, searching for autos that would hold their value over the years you would know a lot about autos. Imagine having done 500 real estate transactions. You would know when the home was overpriced or if underpriced. You would have become familiar with the floor plans most desired, the homes most likely to hold or surpass their value. You would have become familiar with every subdivision, neighborhoods, schools, taxes and local forces that effect each location. Your experience would grow in working with builders, learning the best builders, the best floor plans, the most desired features that would escalate in value, any lot problems, any outside forces that will affect the home in the future. You would have a better than average idea if the neighborhood would hold its value, what builders homes seem to hold their value on resale. You would have a clue as to what might be built around your neighborhood in the coming years. You would recognize the subtle market changes that predict loss or gain in the market and when it was turning from a seller's market to a buyer's market. These are jJust a few of the items an experience Realtor keeps in their knowledge base.Negotiations could be done by guess, or wiji board but imagine if a Realtor had the experience to know the market PLUS a master in negotiations you could possibly save money but could also feel comfortable you had not paid over current market value.


You could call a Realtor who has earned all of the above designations plus others. You could call a high volume Realtor. You could call a Realtor with over 500 successfully completed real estate transactions. You could call a Realtor who has negotiation expertise. You could call a Realtor who is an ombudsman and working member of the Professional Standards and Ethics committee for the Texas Association of Realtors (Our governing agency). You could call a Realtor who teaches and trains other Realtor. You could just call me!




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